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Asplenium australasicum 'Birds Nest Fern'

Asplenium australasicum 'Birds Nest Fern'

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Features | Characterised by its striking rosette-shaped growth pattern, which resembles a nest, hence its name. The fronds emerge from the center of the plant, forming a beautiful, symmetrical arrangement that adds a sense of harmony and natural elegance to any room. The fronds themselves are deep green, gracefully arching and featuring delicate, wavy edges, creating a soft and welcoming aesthetic.

Like most ferns, it has great air purifying qualities.

Care - Easy | Highly versatile and adapts well to different light conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of indoor environments. It thrives in medium to low light, making it an excellent choice for areas with limited natural sunlight.

Prefers consistently moist soil, but not overly saturated. Regular misting can help create it's preferred humidity.

Delivery | Plants are available for in store pick-up or Sydney delivery only.

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