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Pyrethrum Insect Spray

Pyrethrum Insect Spray

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Size | 1L

Features | Multicrop’s Pyrethrum Natural Insect Spray is based on natural extracts from the flower of the pyrethrum daisy.

It is a potent broad spectrum, contact insect killer that attacks the nervous system of insects.

To humans though Pyrethrum is safe and non-toxic because it does no attack mammals and breaks down very quickly.

• Pyrethrum kills and repels insects and pests on contact.

• Controls insects such as thrip, ants, earwigs, aphid, cabbage moth and leafhopper.

• Breaks down very quickly, may be active for only 24 hours.

• No harmful residues left.

• Flushes out insects from hiding places.

• Can harvest fruit or vegetables 24 hours after spraying.

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