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Aussie Ornament - Galah

Aussie Ornament - Galah

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Introducing the Galah Ornament by Outer Island - a perfect addition to hang in your home or gift to a friend. Thoughtfully crafted with sustainability as a priority, this Aussie icon is made from high-quality hoop pine, ensuring its place on your Christmas tree for years to come.

Printed with eco-certified inks and made entirely in Australia, this vibrant ornament not only makes for guilt-free gift giving, but also an affordable keepsake. Hang it on your tree or display it year-round to make a statement with a touch of Down Under charm. 

Comes packaged on a backing card, perfect to slip in a card or any package.

Size | 41mm x 96mm Original painting printed one-side on hoop pine and packaged on a 100% post consumer recycled backing card. Designed and made in Australia.

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