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Chilli 'Cayenne' Heirloom Seeds

Chilli 'Cayenne' Heirloom Seeds

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Plants grow to approximately 60cm tall and produce an abundance of slender, long fruit that turn a deep red. Milder than most chillis so won’t blow your socks off. Can be used fresh, cured, dried or pasted. A popular heirloom variety. 

Soil | The soil should be rich and free-draining. Integrate compost and well-rotted animal manure. A fortnight before planting. Chillies will also benefit from an application of lime. Soil pH Level 6.5–7.5

Position | Sunny, hot position in free draining soil. Don’t plant where hungry crops, such as brassicas, were previously growing.

Please note seeds are not available for shipping to WA.

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