Turning to the Dark Side

Turning to the Dark Side

This month we’ve gone to the dark with some new plant arrivals.

  1. Anthurium (Flamingo Flower)

With its striking black flowers, this variety of anthurium is definitely more unusual than the pink and red varieties, but no less easy to look after. They are the eternal bouquet, producing flowers year-round. Keep them in a brightly lit space to ensure they keep flowering.

  1. Ficus elastica (Burgundy Rubber Plant)

Another super low maintenance plant with gorgeous, rich coloured leaves that give it it’s burgundy name. This plant baby can get to impressive heights but don’t worry, the size of the pot will keep it small and also being inside.

  1. Philodendron (Dark Lord)

This plant has completely turned us over to the dark side. With its dramatic colouring and low maintenance attitude, we were powerless to resist. To top it off, it’s also one of those rare indoor plants that is happy lurking (growing) in the darker parts of your home or office.

Watch our TikTok video on turning to the Dark Side.

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